Day 1: Sunday, June 30

Day 1: 320 miles and 7 hours on the road (including pit stops and dinner).

Days without arguments/fights: 1

2013-06-30 14.29.05

Immediately before departing, Aytan and Toby stand beside our fully packed Honda Odyssey — our home on the road for the next two months.

We started our trip a bit late, around 3pm, and crossed our first state line — into Pennsylvania — about an hour later.  An hour or two after that we got caught in one of the most intense downpours I’ve ever driven through; many cars simply pulled over to the side of the road.  Hard to explain, but it was clear that we weren’t in Jersey any more; something about the sky just looked different from anything I’ve ever seen in the Garden State.

Except for the intense downpours we drove through, the day was fairly uneventful: lots of highway cruising, with relatively boring conversation and good music.  My first big milestone — and one that will horrify the food-obsessed readers among you — was dinner: My first meal at a Bob Evans restaurant.  The girth of our server and several other workers in the restaurant led me to believe the waitstaff take advantage of the employee discount WAY too often.  That said, our meals were actually quite good: grilled salmon for Aytan, and potato-crusted flounder for me and Toby (with salads to start).  And, if the information on the menu was to be believed, my entire meal — salad, flounder and ice cream (which I gave to Aytan) — was less than 450 calories.  Even more shocking: Aytan said the salmon was the best he had ever had.  Yes, you read that correctly: My son enjoyed the salmon at Bob Evans more than any other salmon he’s ever had, and he’s had a lot (including a maple-glazed salmon I make, from an Internet recipe a friend gave me).  So it’s just day 1, and I have a feeling this trip could turn out to be even more interesting (or terrifying) than I had anticipated.

Sunset at Bob Evans

Sunset at Bob Evans

The plan for tomorrow: Visiting the Flight 93 National Memorial, in Stoystown, PA, followed by our late-afternoon guided tour of Fallingwater near Mill Run, PA.

But first, a good night’s sleep in Room 234 at the Days Inn in Somerset, PA….