Day 7 – Saturday, July 6


Aytan chilling with Peter on the deck of Peter’s home, sitting on new patio furniture that Aytan helped put together that very morning.


Peter on the Triumph Trophy

A fairly relaxing day.  In the morning we hung out at my friend Peter’s home in Oak Park, from where I’m writing this post.  After a late lunch, we drove Peter — in his BMW 330xi (w/6-speed manual transmission), with me behind the wheel — to Motoworks Chicago, an incredible motorcycle shop, so that Peter could pick up the Triumph Trophy that he will be test-driving for a few days to decide whether it’s the right bike for him.

After we left Motoworks we went downtown to  the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI), right along Lake Michigan.  Peter didn’t join us there; he just showed us the way (him on the bike, us following behind in his Beamer).  We had only 90 minutes at the museum before it closed for the day, at 5:30, which was really a pity, because it’s by far the best science/technology museum I’ve ever visited.  Our first stop was the U-505, a German WWII U-boat captured by the US.  It’s the only remaining U-boat in the world, and the exhibit is fantastic.  Even if, like us, you don’t get a chance to take the guided tour of the inside of the boat — which was sold out — you could easily spend an hour or longer just exploring the rest of the exhibit from outside the boat.


The U505 — This ain’t your Beatles’ (yellow) submarine

Since our time was limited, we rushed through the few other exhibits we could: one on space exploration and the first lunar landing, in 1969; another on extreme weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis); and another on airplanes, including a replica of the Wright Brothers plane as well as a decommissioned 727.   With just an hour and a half in the museum before it closed I felt somewhat conflicted: disappointed that we had barely scratched the surface of all the museum has to offer, yet excited about my next visit to Chicago.


You can walk inside this 727