Day 8 (Week 2!) – Sunday, July 7


We just left Chicago (Oak Park, actually) and my friend Peter Sagal, who hosted us for the past two nights.  He was a fantastic, courteous and gracious host, making us feel truly at home in his home, which is about as good as it gets.

We are now headed west to Dixon, IL, to visit with my cousin Baruch; his wife, Joyce; and their son Josh, at their weekend house on Lost Lake.  There is no Internet or cell reception there, so we will just hang out and chill (and also be unable to post for at least a day).

We might also have a slight change in our itinerary, as Peter suggested a trip to the House on the Rock, west of Madison, so we might be hitting Wisconsin after all.  Stay tuned.



Captain A

We arrived at my cousin Baruch’s lake house on Lost Lake around noon, and shortly thereafter (or “Uncle Buck,” as he likes to be called) beckoned us to join him on his pontoon boat for some fishing. We (ok — Baruch, Toby and Kevin, a family friend) caught and released three fish, including a catfish and a striped bass.


Although Aytan didn’t catch any fish, he was great with his casting and seemed to really enjoy the experience, especially driving the boat. Baruch, Toby and I also took a dip in the lake (Toby and I stripped to our undies, since we didn’t have bathing suits with us at the time), which was extraordinarily refreshing. After fishing, Aytan and I went paddle boating (Baruch has three boats, including a paddle boat). Either the sun and beer had worn me out, or I am extraordinarily out-of-shape… because I was totally exhausted after just a few minutes of fast paddling — while Aytan showed few signs of slowing down. After a great dinner of spaghetti with Baruch’s homemade meat sauce, we lounged around a bit and then hit the sack.


Uncle Buck displays his trophy catch


Catfish are ugly




Still pasty after a dip in the lake