Day 17 – Tuesday, July 16

(NOTE: Because I was without Internet access for several days, I’ve just added and/or edited posts for several past days, so check out the past 3 or 4 posts for more-recent updates and pix. And remember to double-click on photos to see them full-size.)

I woke up this morning to the sound of Tim Young’s Harley Davidson; he and Colin are earlier risers than we are, and they had already packed up their campsite and were on their way to the Tetons before we rolled out of our sleeping bags.  It’s a pity, because I was hoping to get a photo of/with them for this blog…


Toby and Aytan in the parking lot outside Leek’s Pizzeria, with the Tetons in the background


The Tetons

Toby, Atyan and I also planned to head to the Tetons for a few days, but our stay there turned out to be much shorter.  We arrived in Grand Teton park around noon, and after lunch at Leek’s Pizzeria (with a stunning view of the Tetons), we headed to the Jenny Lake visitor center.  We planned to do some hiking around the lake, but Aytan’s leg was bothering him, and I wasn’t feeling too well, having picked up a bug over the past few days.  So we drove to Jackson, figuring we’d get a motel room and then head back to Jenny Lake or elsewhere in the Tetons tomorrow.  However, given the forecast for thunderstorms this evening and tomorrow, and after finding that even mediocre hotel/motel rooms in Jackson start at around $200 (the only available rooms at the Hampton Inn were $379/night — you read that correctly: $379 for a room at the Hampton Inn!), we decided to continue westward into Idaho.  But not before getting me some much-needed medicine: an Oreo Cheesecake Blizzard at the Dairy Queen in Jackson.


Hula-hooper crossing (sign in parking lot of Grand Teton visitors center)

We drove west out of Jackson and into Idaho along the Snake River.  The drive was absolutely beautiful; I had thought Idaho was nothing more than flat farmland for growing potatoes, and boy was I wrong.  (FYI, the motto on Idaho license plates is “Famous Potatoes”; not great, but better than “Hate groups love us!”)   We pulled into Idaho Falls at around 8:30pm and found a nice room at the Hotel on the Falls (AAA rate of $80, with free breakfast!), where we will shower and sleep in beds for the first time in several days.