Day 19 – Thursday, July 18


Idaho State Capitol

Before leaving Boise we headed downtown, to the State Capitol.

I was shocked that we were able to just walk up the front steps and in the front door, with no visible security of any sort to stop us or slow us down. I was even more surprised when we were able to enter the Senate and House chambers, again without any visible security (of course, both chambers were empty, as neither was in session). And I was totally amazed that we were able to walk down the hall to the governor’s office and walk right in, again without any visible security. I’m sure it’s just as easy to get into Mayor Bloomberg’s office.


Aytan in the Idaho state senate chambers


Outside the governor’s office


Flat Ethelyn in the governor’s office

I  asked the governor’s secretary (or receptionist?) if the governor was in today and, after finding out that he was, told her about our on a cross-country trip, explained the concept of Flat Ethelyn, and then asked whether it might be possible to get the governor to agree to a photo with Flat Ethelyn. She said it was unlikely, but that we could go into his ceremonial office, on the other side of the main reception area, and take pictures in there ourselves, which we did (including with Flat Ethelyn).  Pretty incredible that we could just walk right in to the governor’s office without any security whatsoever.

The rest of the day was spent mostly in the car, driving north and west, crossing into Oregon and up toward the northern border, with Washington visible just across the Columbia River. We found a campground in Wyeth, where we pitched tent for the night, then headed a few miles up I-84 to the town of Cascade Locks, where we had a fine dinner at the Cascade Locks Ale House before heading back to our campsite for a good night’s sleep.