Day 25 – Wednesday, July 24

We spent the bulk of our day in the car, driving from Medford, Oregon, into California, and then on to Reno, Nevada, where we are now camped out at Circus Circus Hotel/Casino.


Mt. Shasta
(no relation to the carbonated beverages)

It was a fairly uneventful day, without even a DQ stop, although the scenery was nice.  Shortly after entering California on I-5 we saw the imposing sight of Mt. Shasta directly ahead of us; I was surprised to find out that despite being higher than even Grand Teton in Wyoming, Shasta is only the 5th-highest peak in California (although the top five peaks in California are all within about 500 feet of each other in terms of elevation).  Even more surprising is that Shasta’s rise from the base to the peak is about 11,000 — more than two miles — which is several thousand feet more than that of the highest peaks in the Tetons.  Who knew?


I came close to buying this solar-powered fan-cooled hat during our lunch stop


An unlikely lunch spot


A thank-you for a good meal

After passing Mt. Shasta we headed southeast on Route 89 for a while, including a stop for lunch at the Rancheria RV Park in Hat City.  I enjoyed my tuna melt so much that I left our server a nice message on my plate, which I think she enjoyed even more than the tip.  After lunch we continued southeast onto Route 44, then onto 395 into Reno, where we checked in to Circus Circus around 6pm, but not before losing my eyeglasses during one of our photo ops along the way (fortunately I brought a back-up pair of glasses), including a real-life shoe tree.


See… shoes really DO grow on trees


Pathetic, isn’t it?

My first order of business after checking in to our hotel was doing laundry, as I had run out of clean shorts and shirts.  I found a Duds ‘n Suds a few miles from downtown and headed out solo, leaving Toby and Aytan in the hotel room.  I didn’t return until about 8:30, and shortly thereafter Aytan and I went in search of dinner — Toby had already ventured out on his own — only to find that Reno on a Wednesday night is a dead pit (on weekends it’s just a pit), so we ended up back at our hotel for some pasta at one of only two restaurants open after 9pm.   Afterwards he and I walked around the arcade area for a bit — played a game of air hockey and fed some quarters to the casino — before heading up to our room, from where I’m writing this captivating post.  Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be a bit more compelling.