About the Photo

In case you’re wondering about the picture above (and even if you’re not), it’s a photo I took in August 2010 of the California coast in Cambria, a beautiful little town about halfway between LA and San Francisco, 10 miles or so south of San Simeon (home of Hearst Castle).  Cambria is a little jewel, with some great restaurants and wonderful galleries; our favorite is Seekers, which specializes in artistic glass (don’t let the pictures of ugly glass art on the gallery’s homepage fool you; they usually carry beautiful pieces — a few of which now rest on our living-room mantle).  There are dozens of very nice motels on Moonstone Beach Drive, which winds along the water, and I took the photo while out for a walk from our motel.

If you find yourself traveling up or down the California coast between LA and San Francisco, you should definitely plan a stop in Cambria, whether just for an afternoon or as a nice place to stay while heading to or from Hearst Castle (or anywhere else along the central coast).

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