Our Itinerary

Below is the rough itinerary we created before we left on our trip; we used it just as a starting point, since we knew that our itinerary would change a bit once we were on the road.  Some of the locations are self-evident; others are merely pass-thru locales – i.e., I saw them on the map as a location between two destinations, so I thought I’d include them (like Odessa, TX; not sure if there’s really anything to see there, but it’s the real-life town on which “Friday Night Lights” is based).  You can see how we deviated from our original plan when you read the blog posts or the “Been There, Done That” page.

·         Mill Run, PA (Fallingwater)
·         Pittsburgh, PA
·         Cleveland, OH (Rock’nRoll  Hall of Fame)
·         Chicago, IL
·         Dyersville, IA (Field of Dreams site)
·         Omaha, NB
·         Sioux Falls, SD
·         Badlands National Park
·         Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, SD
·         Devil’s Tower, WY
·         Garryowen, MT (Little Bighorn Nat’l Monument)
·         Yellowstone National Park, WY
·         Jackson Hole, WY
·         Arco, ID (Craters of the Moon National Monument)
·         Walla Walla, WA
·         Seattle, WA
·         Tillamook, OR
·         Eureka, CA
·         Lake Tahoe, CA
·         Yosemite National Park, Wawona, CA
·         Bonneville Salt Flats
·         Salt Lake City, UT
·         Bryce Canyon National Park, Tropic, UT
·         Zion National Park, UT
·         Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon Village, AZ
·         Four Corners Monument, New Mexico Highway 597, Shiprock, NM
·         Mesa Verde National Park, CO
·         Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
·         Denver, CO
·         Pueblo, CO
·         Taos, NM
·         Santa Fe, NM
·         Albuquerque, NM
·         Roswell, NM
·         Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM
·         Odessa, TX
·         Austin, TX
·         Shreveport, LA
·         Little Rock, AR
·         Memphis, TN
·         Nashville, TN
·         Atlanta, GA
·         Charleston, SC
·         Chapel Hill, NC
·         Richmond, VA
·         Washington, DC
·         Philadelphia, PA
·         Maplewood, NJ

7 thoughts on “Our Itinerary

    • Other than Fallingwater in Mill Run, PA, on Monday, July 1; Pittsburgh the following day or two; and Chicago a day or two after that, I have really no idea when we will be in any given location. As we get further along our trip, you’ll get a better idea (as will I).

  1. Have you considered “The World’s Largest Ball of Twine” (Cawker City, KS) or “The World’s Largest Office Chair” (Anniston, Alabama). Just in case you were planning to see “The World’s Largest Icosahedron” it unfortunately no longer exists, it is now the Geometry Center at University of Minnesota. However, If you’re in Minnesota, you might as well go to Darwin, Minnesota and check out “The World’s Largest Ball of Twine” …Yes! There are two Largest Ball of Twine(s), (maybe you can see both and decide who’s telling the truth).
    But fer mah money… I’d check out “The World’s Largest Bowling Pin (Tampa, Florida)!!
    I know you guys will make it fun, stay safe and have a great time. Have a ball ! (of twine maybe).

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