Hello, and welcome to “The Geschwinds Across America: Summer 2013.”  I created this blog to keep family, friends and others up-to-date on the whereabouts and doings of me, my son (Aytan) and one of his cousins (Toby) as we traveled around the United States last summer.  Although I haven’t added any new posts since our trip ended in late August, I have updated the blog a bit to make it easier to navigate for those who want to read about our amazing trip.

The best way to read about our trip is to follow the blog in chronological order.  To do that, click on the link below (the one that says, “Click here to read the posts in chronological order”).  That will take you to the first post, which tells about the genesis of the trip.  When you’re done reading that post, scroll down to the bottom of the page (just above “Leave a Reply” at the very bottom) and click on the green link with an arrow (“Sunday, June 23: T minus 1 week”), which will take you to the next post.  At the bottom of each post, simply click on the link with the arrow to read the next post.  It’s like lather, rinse and repeat, but without getting any shampoo in your eyes.  Also, simply click on any of the photos in the posts to see full-size images.

Click here to read the posts in chronoligical order

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